More Men Are Seeking To Have Cosmetic Facial Procedures To Improve Their Look

The latest survey conducted by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) has revealed a major influx of younger males seeking out cosmetic procedures, signifying a shift in the traditional perception of aesthetics. This development is being driven by an increased awareness of plastic surgery as well as cultural factors such as ageism, fear of job insecurity and wanting to project a certain image.

Male patients are now looking to achieve both surgical and non-surgical treatments, from facial contouring to injectables, in order to create a look that feels more natural, youthful and authoritative. Plastic surgeons across the country are noticing this trend among their clientele, making it clear that aesthetic values are rapidly changing — particularly for men — and aesthetic practitioners must keep up with the evolving conversation.

This news comes as no surprise to plastic surgeons around the country, who have noticed a shift in the way that men are approaching aesthetic treatments. Male patients often request treatments like Botox and fillers to create an ‘authoritative’ look or to conceal their emotions. Same trend is observed in men seeking to keep up with younger competitors — a fear of ageism has driven them to seek out treatments that will give them a youthful edge.

Whether it is to fight ageism, to compete in the job market or to be Instagram or Tik Tok ready, it is clear that attitudes about aesthetics are changing and men are beginning to take a more active role in the conversation. The AAFPRS survey is only further highlighting this trend, affirming that male patients now represent a growing share of the plastic surgery patient base. With these changes come an exciting new set of opportunities for plastic surgeons and aesthetic practitioners — one that could be immensely beneficial for those willing to keep up with the ever-shifting landscape.

For those looking to get ahead of the aesthetic curve, now is the time to become informed and stay up-to-date on the latest trends. By doing so, aesthetic physicians, surgeons, and practitioners can ensure successful outcomes for all involved, and continue to offer treatments that meet the modern aesthetic needs of individuals across generations. For further information about aesthetic procedures for males, contact Dr. Marie-Ange D. Tardieu at Tardieu Skin Clinic, or visit us online at

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